Business Telephone Service in your area:

Business Telephone Services is a vital part of any business.

We provide for you top quality service quotes from business telephone services in your area.

What we do for you is all the leg work in finding the best business telephone service or business voice service in your area.

Then provide you in most cases with the top 3  telephone service providers by price, quality, and customer service.

Then help you to determine which telephone service provider you wish to use.  Once chosen we will send you the contract to get you started all at no additional cost.

We can handle business phone service quotes from 3 lines and up.  Including enterprise grade fiber links, T1, OC3, bonded connections of all types for phone service use.

 If you have 50 telephone lines or more with a local phone company.  We can in most cases with just a sign of a form move you to enterprise service and cut your bill 25% or more.

Free Quotes for telephone service for business - let us carry find you good telephone service and help your company save money today.


Business Telephone Bill - Save Money Today!

We have a great program for bundling POTS Lines (Plain Old Telephone Service) for businesses with multiple locations into 1 bill and usually at a much cheaper rate than your normal telecom carrier, and the best part is it usually only take a little bit of paperwork, no downtime, hardware switching or anything complicated.  Let us combine all your telephone lines into 1 bill, save you money on monthly charges, and have one point of contact if you have problems.

If you have more than 5 telephone lines and pay your phone bill to a local telephone provider or large wholesale dealer up to 35% on overall bill!

  1. We can usually provide a better price on the overall bill.
  2. Provide flat fee services per month.
  3. Superior services and billing support.
  4. Bundle multiple locations into 1 bill easy to understand and pay.
  5. Break Bills down by company or area - no problem.
  6. Very competitive against other large-scale telco groups and local telecom phone companies.

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CTF PARTICIPANT: Some of our Business Telephone Service Providers are CTF Participants: As a CTF Participant they participates in the California Teleconnect Fund, which provides a 50% discount on selected telecom services to qualifying schools, libraries, government-owned and operated hospitals and health clinics, and community based organizations. The program is funded through a surcharge on all end-users of intrastate telecom services.



A standard Telephone / Telco Business Quote usually takes at least 4 business days, and Cable / Fiber Internet quotes even longer.


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 Go to our Quick Form and fill it out as best you can - Request a Telephone Service Quote / Audit Today!

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If you do not have a phone system / phone installer - then we can help provide advice on who to help provide the installation for your new services.