Proactively Monitor your critical telecom lines, DSL lines, modems lines, remote locations, failover lines and more!

 SpotCheck is a hi-tech, low-cost line monitoring service that allows you to proactively monitor your backup lines, unmanned and off-site locations, and primary point-of-sale lines at manned and remote locations. SpotCheck works with companies that have diverse networks and multiple locations, and tests all types of phone lines – backup lines, alarm lines, elevator lines, call forwarding lines – you name it.

Revenue Continuity and Cost Containment
All too often, companies discover their backup lines are not working when their primary networks go down and their backup lines fail, or they find that a remote point-of-sale location is down when it stops generating revenues or goes silent for too long. SpotCheck tests redundancy and improves uptime, ensuring that the backup services you pay for are there when you need them. And SpotCheck minimize downtime in your remote or unmanned point-of-sale locations by finding problems before lost sales pile up.

Compliance and Emergency Network Assurance

SpotCheck provides mission-critical testing to municipalities, first responders, hospitals and other organizations that rely on redundant networks during power outages and natural disasters. Additionally, many SpotCheck clients are focused heavily on compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, SWIFT, GLBA, FISMA, PCI-DSS, HL7 and other requirements.


You Set the Parameters
You are in control.  SpotCheck can test any number of lines as often as you like.  Simply provide SpotCheck with a list of the lines you need monitored, how often you would like to have each line tested (you can assign different frequency testing to different lines) and where to send outage alerts (you can assign different or multiple alert recipients for each line).  You can change any of these parameters at any time.

SpotCheck Goes to Work 

SpotCheck tests your lines from its proprietary testing centers around the world.  If a line fails a test, SpotCheck will attempt to reach it three more times.  If the line fails all four tests, we send you an alert message with diagnostic information.  SpotCheck flags the line for more frequent testing, giving you up-to-date intelligence on when repairs are completed and your line becomes operational.  When the line is back up, SpotCheck’s testing frequency returns to normal.

Comprehensive Reporting
SpotCheck provides you with unprecedented visibility into your backup and point-of-sale networks.  In addition to sending you immediate alerts when lines fail, SpotCheck delivers you weekly and monthly reports with line-item detail for each line tested, as well as statistical analysis that you can use to monitor the performance of your network providers and make informed decisions for your network planning.

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