Mobile Device Management Solutions:

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#1 Full-Service Management of your Mobile Devicesslash the cost and complexity of your mobile environment by managing your plans, your devices and your security for you. We offer four key services to keep your costs down and keep your people focused on growth.

Lower costs are just the beginning. We simplify HR and IT, streamline billing, protect your data, secure your network, ensure you use every minute you pay for, and best of all make it so you never have to call the phone company again.

We start with a complimentary billing analysis for all prospects. During the analysis, we will demonstrate the savings we can help them realize as well as the additional portal and added services that will further streamline internal processes & increase efficiencies.

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#2 Managed Mobile Billing and End-User Mobile Devices Help Desk:

Reduce expenses, control costs, and save time with Managed Mobility Services – A single portal to monitor all your mobile devices, a proactive team to get the best prices and plans, and we’ll provide you a dedicated 24/7 service desk to provide to your end-users for mobile device support.

·       Real-time reporting for real-time optimization

·         Tech support

·         24/7 End-user support

·         Assigned Account Manager tasked with keeping you on the best, most cost-effective rate plans

·         Advanced, customizable reporting of all carrier information

Have us prove it to you by taking advantage of our free, no-obligation 45-day trial where we’ll show you exactly what we can do for you

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