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We are master agents with all the standard telephone companies as such, we can fight to get you a better price on your phone bill without it costing you any extra money.

That is right - less expensive phone bill at no additional cost for our help at getting it for you!


  • You must be out of contract with the current phone company.
  • You need to have total at least 10 phone lines (POT) Plain Old Telephone lines, also called traditional copper phone lines.
  • They can be used for telephone, fax, alarm, and so forth.
  • You need to provide us a copy of latest phone bill.
  • We will review the phone bill at no cost to you and when possible offer a better price on the bill.

Large enterprise companies with multiple locations and large amounts of phone lines - NO WORRY.

We can in most cases save you 25% on your phone bill with no switching hardware, phone numbers or disconnects!

  • Save money on your Phone Bill each month.
  • Better service from a new phone provider.
  • Easier to read phone bill that does not try to hide anything!

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Options to get us the information:

 Fax phone the service bills and Service Request Form: [ PDF – Service Request Form ]: Fax: 1.949.485.6215

 Scan to PDF then email the service bills and Service Request Form: [ PDF – Service Request Form ] to us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Sales Department - (949) 579-9341 #4