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  • Web Conferencing, Video Conferencing and more.
  • What is an ip phone (voice over ip)?

Internet Service Provider: Let us help you get more Internet bandwidth for less money and improve your voice service, VoIP service and data network.

Is there a service you are currently shopping for such as Business Internet Service Provider, Internet Phone Service (VoIP service), and or Data Services that you would like to get quotes on?

Let’s discuss how you can use Cloud Computing or Cloud Services to get more efficiency for less cost.

Would you like a free savings analysis on your Phone Bill or Internet Bill?

(We can in most cases save a company big money on services older than 3 yrs by flipping you to a competitor.)

We look forward to helping you find the right service for the right price.

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Digital Telephone VoIP / Internet Service Provider / Data Services Brokers / Cloud Services

No need to contact each phone company or Internet service provider to get a great service quote!

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We are master agents for all the leading internet phone service, data services, internet service provider, and business phone service providers ( the USA, as well as China and parts of Europe ).

As a master agent, it allows us to be a broker for free quotes on phone service, internet phone service, and internet service providers, and data services. We are authorized outside sales agents for these leading phone carriers for the purpose of getting you direct cost effective quotes. 

These quotes come from each business phone service, VoIP providers and data services carrier directly with no additional upfront markups from us. Thus, we act as your broker for these services at no additional cost to you.

Not only can we get you direct quotes from the leading internet service providers, but we will use the initial quotes to have each of the internet service providers  / data services / VoIP providers will fight for your service. Plus we have access to all the inside sales and discounts which we will have applied to your quote at no additional charge!

To make it even better for you, we will take any official quotes from other service companies and try to beat them with a competitors quote.

In most cases we will provide 3 quotes from the best-priced service providers in your area. We will provide you information about who we think is the best in service quality in your area and best in customer service from the 3 chosen.

We listen to your needs then get you a contract from the provider you choose.

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Business Telephone Bill - Save Money Today!

We have a great program for bundling POTS Lines (Plain Old Telephone Service) for businesses with multiple locations into 1 bill and usually at a much cheaper rate than your normal telco carrier, and the best part is it usually only take a little bit of paperwork, no downtime, hardware switching or anything complicated.  Let us combine all your telephone lines into 1 bill, save you money on monthly charges, and have one point of contact if you have problems.

If you have more than 5 telephone lines and pay your phone bill to a local telephone provider or large wholesale dealer!

  1. We can usually provide a better price on the overall bill.
  2. Provide flat fee services per month.
  3. Superior services and billing support.
  4. Bundle multiple locations into 1 bill easy to understand and pay.
  5. Break Bills down by company or area - no problem.
  6. Very competitive against other large-scale telco groups and local telecom phone companies.

Send us a copy of your current phone bill and let us save you money today!

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Business Cell Phone & Data Wireless Services - Save Money Today!

Cell Phone / Wireless Data Management slashes the cost and complexity of your mobile environment by managing your plans, your devices and your security for you.

We start with a complimentary billing analysis for all prospects. During the analysis, we will demonstrate the savings we can help them realize as well as the additional portal and added services that will further streamline internal processes & increase efficiencies.

Send us a copy of your current phone bill and let us save you money today!

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Some of our Service Providers are CTF Participants / California Teleconnect Fund

 As a CTF Participant they participates in the California Teleconnect Fund, which provides a 50% discount on selected telecom services to qualifying schools, libraries, government-owned and operated hospitals and health clinics, and community-based organizations. The program is funded through a surcharge on all end-users of intrastate telecom services.

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