Let us help you get good service and prices for your business internet.

We are an authorized agent for all the leading internet service providers.

We provide you top quality internet service quotes from the business internet from all the leading internet service providers in your area.

We do all the legwork for you in finding the best business internet service/data services in your area.  Then provide you in most cases with what we believe to be the top 3 to picks by price, quality, and customer service from the internet service providers.  Lastly, help you determine which internet service provider you wish to use for your new business internet.  Once you decide we will send you the contracts. We are here for you at no additional charge.

Plus in many cases, we can get you better prices by forcing the internet service providers to have competitive quotes among each other, remove hidden fees in the contract, and be as fair as possible.

Our internet service providers can handle business Internet service quotes from a DSL to Fiber.  

  • Including enterprise grade Fiber, Dedicated Fiber, Private Fiber
  • Metro IP, High Capacity IP
  • Fixed 4G Wireless Internet, Fixed Radio Internet
  • Business to Business LAN, Point to Point, Private LAN, SD-WAN.
  • High Capacity Circuits, Dedicated Circuits
  • eHub or  eLAN
  • VPN IPMesh, VPN eMesh or VPN eWAN
  • DSL, ADSL, T1, OC3, Copper over Ethernet, Cable, and others
  • Bonded connections of all types for Internet service use.
  • Large Volume Cell Phone Data Packages, Large Volume Wireless Data Packages, Large Volume IPAD Cell Packages  (order 10 or more accounts).
  • We can also quote business and enterprise level Video Conferencing Service, Telemarketing Cloud Service, Cloud Servers, Data Centers, Hosted Exchange, Business Google Apps.
CTF PARTICIPANT: Some of our Internet Service Providers are CTF Participants: As a CTF Participant they participates in the California Teleconnect Fund, which provides a 50% discount on selected telecom services to qualifying schools, libraries, government-owned and operated hospitals and health clinics, and community-based organizations. The program is funded through a surcharge on all end-users of intrastate telecom services.


A standard internet service provider quote usually takes at least 4 business days, and Cable / Fiber Internet quotes even longer.

Please note in order to give an accurate quote for services, particularly telco - we would need you to pdf and email us a copy of your current bill.



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