Cloud Unified Communications that works at prices that will not leave you feeling disconnected!


The power to communicate with both voice and visuals, web conferencing provides a broad range of remote communication tools that allow business professionals to stream live video and share their desktop information across the Internet.  Web conferencing events can be on-demand or scheduled — either way, web conferencing will help you better communicate and collaborate with your audience.

The great part of this service is anyone with a computer, web camera and Internet can join in.

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Web Conferencing Solution:

  • Value - this solution gives incrediable power and features for the price.
  • Multi-Person Video - puts teams of people together.
  • Real HD Audio  - supports HD Audio sound enhancement technology. This products sets the standard for audio conferencing.
  • Convenience - schedule, no schedule - ready 24 / 7 for your use.
  • Easy Connect - Toll Access Phone Number or have Internet enabled device with camera / speakers you are ready to participate.
  • Monthly Flat Fee - unlimited use, price determines by package / max amount for participants in conference.
  • Flexible Use - works with Windows, Apple, Ipad, Many Smart phones and more!
  • Cloud - no servers and large hardware solutions to purchase and maintain!
  • Intuitive Interface - rich options and easy to use.
  • Multiple Language Support - ad additional or edit existing languages.
  • Full End to End Encryption - SSL and up to AES-256 encryption.
  • Closed Captioning - enable closed captioning in live sessions and recordings.
  • Third Party Integration - integrates with apps like Outlook, Salesforce, Facebook and open SOAP based web services.

Standard Features:

  • Reservation-less Conference Start - conference bridge is always ready for you to use.
  • High Conference Capacity - packages up to 250 participants all with full video of each person.
  • Entry / Exit Notification - participants can be announced upon joining or leaving the conference call, using chimes or recorded names.
  • Self-Muting - hosts and participants can mute themselves by pressing a keypad code.
  • Conference Termination - a host can force termination of the conference call by disconnecting all participants.
  • Participant Count - callers joining a call can hear a private announcement of the number of active participants.
  • Private Roll Call - participants can press a keypad code to hear a private playback of the recorded names for the active participants on the conference call.
  • Multiple Hosts - any number of parties can join the call as hosts (by entering the Host PIN upon joining the bridge), allowing multiple leaders on the conference call.
  • Touchtone (DTMF) Suppression - filters out the tones produced by phone keypad, so that other participants on the call do not hear the tones.
  • Security Lock - a Host can lock access to the conference bridge, preventing new callers from joining the active call.
  • Media PreLoad - before conference begins auto load media links to show to participants, without showing your desktop.
  • Excel PreLoad - before conference begins upload the excels sheets you wish to have participants view.
  • Web PreLoad - before conference begins link web pages that you wish to have participants view, without viewing your desktop.
  • Media Files & Live Video Stream - wide variety of formats accessible.
  • White Board - display whiteboard to share with participants during meetings.
  • Audio Options - participants can join into meeting by video / audio or by telephone bridge.
  • Closed Captioning - enable closed captioning in live sessions and recordings.
 Advanced Features:
  • Synchronized Web Browsing
  • Breakout Groups
  • "Glimpse" - Remote Desktop Screen Capture
  • Polling, Surveys & Tests
  • Participant Survey - host can provide survey for participants to answer online and then provide summary of groups answers.
  • Webinar Registration Tools
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