We have multiple Teleconferencing vendors and service providers to offer.

Each with their own unique twist or service offerings to provide you the consumer.

Prices and options very - please provide us with some information so we can place you with the best fit for teleconferencing services.

  • How often will you use the service - every day, week, or month?
  • Small monthly fee and lower per minute cost or no monthly fee but higher per minute cost?
  • What is the Max people attending, some providers have a smaller limit of attendees than others.
  • Need to display pdf or white board during meeting?
  • Do you need an 800 number for attendees to sign in?
  • Any special needs others could not help you find?

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Special Features by some of our Service Providers:

Customization and personalized toll-free numbers | Personal 800 number for each individual.
Dedicated toll-free numbers for individuals, sometimes referred to as personal 800 numbers, are a feature unique to some of our vendors.

They have the added benefit of allowing hosts and participants to enter a conference call quickly without using a conference ID.

Some of our vendors offers a dedicated toll-free number with customized prompts for your company name and/or message.

For example:
"Thank you for calling the Google teleconference center."
"Widgets conference center – please enter your account information."
"You have reached the Nike conference center "

Six levels of security (some vendors)
Offer more enhanced protection than anyone else with up to 6 levels of security, from lockdown privacy to call screening.

Hosts can proactively manage the security level of their conferences. Some security features can be added or subtracted on a call-by-call basis.

Web Console (some vendors)
Our web-based conference control panel, AdigoMC, streamlines conference
calling and account management, providing moderators with the ability to manage call tasks and regulate security features.

Go to our Quick Form and fill it out as best you can - Request a Free Quote - Today!




Go to our Quick Form and fill it out as best you can -  Request a Free Quote and Save Money - Today!