If you are looking for ways to minimize the cost and hassle associated with maintaining your information technology without compromising security. Our Cloud Services and Hosted IT resources—like e-mail, data, applications, virtual desktops, backup and servers—in the Cloud eliminates the everyday hassles, reduces labor costs and threats while saving you money and improving accessibility.


Our Cloud Service Solutions offer a wide range of cloud computing products and services: 

  • Cloud Applications 

    Stop patching and upgrading software by putting all of your applications in the Cloud. Our Cloud Solutions can support your Business e-mail, Microsoft® Exchange, Microsoft® SharePoint®Microsoft® apps, business apps, and even your company’s self-developed or custom apps.

  • Virtual Desktops

    Our Virtual Desktop solution improves productivity and security by hosting your apps and data in the Cloud, giving you secure anytime, anywhere access to them.  We have a great pay per month per user model - no longer the need to worry about server setup, Microsoft licensing, server patches, cost of Microsoft license upgrades.  Have a new employee no problem call us up and we just activate another virtual desktop. Need a desktop reduced next month, again no problem. No big surprise - easy to understand monthly billing.

  • Virtual Servers

    Hosted Virtual Servers simplify operations, enabling immediate turn-up and rapid implementation of business applications and IT solutions without any capital investment.  We have a managed professional procedure to move your servers or just part of your servers to the cloud.  While during the transition still have access to your existing network and mobile access to your new network.

  • Dedicated Servers

    Upgrade your existing servers to Our Cloud Service Solutions’s top of the line Hosted Dedicated Servers, which are physically located in our secure data centers, but built to your specifications—and 100% of the server is allocated to your company.

  • Backup and Recovery Services

    Backup all your data to our secure data centers for safe, encrypted storage and fast recovery. Start recovering files over the network while we overnight you a hard drive for complete restoration. Be completely back up and running in hours, not days or weeks.

  • Archiving and Compliance Services

    Our Cloud Service Solutions’s Archiving and Compliance Services seamlessly capture, archive, and preserve e-mail and attachments for compliance, audits, mail management and much more. These services are offered in two versions: one for Our Cloud Service Solutions’s Hosted Microsoft Exchange® and the other for Our Cloud Service Solutions E-mail Service. Each version offers a secure, off-site system for storing, monitoring and retrieving electronic data; the Hosted Exchange® version goes further and includes eDiscovery Services.