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What is VOIP / Business VoIP Phone - (Voice Over IP) - generally means - business telephone PBX using the internet and / or cloud service, instead of traditional copper telephone lines and traditional analog phone systems. Other terms for VoIP includes business digital phone service, VoIP phones, internet phone service, IP phone and related.

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Moving your company to Business VoIP Service is recommend for many reasons:

  • Moving over to a Business VoIP Services can reduce your monthly phone bill compared to traditional PBX / Analog phone systems = Save you money!
  • Switching to Business VoIP Services can reduce your labor - Business VoIP Service is usually easier to maintain and program.
  • Your Business VoIP Phone System can be managed by your IT Dept, and not a third party phone company.
  • Most Business VoIP Services has the PBX in the cloud reducing hardware concerns, initial cost, and long-term labor.
  • Business VoIP Phone System can make it easier for mobile and work at home employees to be part of your communication system.
  • Many Business VoIP Services have unlimited Local and Long Distant plans - cheaper then per minutes plans most companies are currently paying.
  • Most Business VoIP Services have free calls between multiple business locations - so no long distance calls to out of state offices, or satellite offices.
  • Many Business VoIP Services integrate with your cell phone, IPad, computer to create a more unified communication system.
  • The list goes on and on for the benefits of Business VoIP Service and Business Cloud Services.

You can see why many companies have and will switch over to a Business VoIP Phone System / Business VoIP Service / Business Digital Phone Service.

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